World of Warcraft Gameplay

World of Warcraft Gameplay

World of Warcraft is a real-time strategy game which is now playing by the largest number of gamers in all over the world. World of Warcraft III Reign of Chaos was developed by Blizzard Entertainment on July 3, 2002 in the United States of America (North America). It was published by Blizzard Entertainment United States of America (North America) Sierra Entertainment (Europe) and in Capcom (Japan). This was the second part after the tremendous success of Warcraft Orcs & Humans and is the third game set in Warcraft Universe. After the incredible success of World of Warcraft 3 an expansion pack named Frozen Throne was developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment on July 1 2003 to add some more spice in this game.

The World of Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and the expansion pack of World of Warcraft III Frozen Throne proved its uniqueness and became the world’s most popular game series ever released. According to a report, World of Warcraft III touched the height of 4.5 million units of CDs and DVDs shipped to the retail stores and unexpectedly over a million of CDs and DVDs were sold within a month. Therefore, World of Warcraft III won many awards as well as the tile of “Game of the Year”.
The events played out in Warcraft III eventually set the stage for Blizzard’s first MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Mentioned below are some key facts of World of Warcraft. It will help you in understanding the game more easily.

It’s entirely through cinematic and cut scenes, with an additional information available in the Manual of the game. The First option of the game is Campaign, divided into five sections. The first section is tutorial that tells you the whole story of the game and also a guide of “how to play the game”. The other parts tell you the story from different point of views about the races humans of Lordaeron, the Undead Scourge, the Orcs, and the Night Elves. In the previous versions of Warcraft games, there were only two races which were Orcs and Humans, but when the Warcraft III launched the Night Elves and the Undead Scourge were added as playable races.

When the game begins the Thrall which is the leader of the Orcs appears walking from his house in his nightmare. He is warned by someone from the back of the Burning Legion (a demon army known as the Burning Legion intent on Azeroth’s destruction corrupted the race of Orcs, sent them through a portal to attack Azeroth).When he wakes up, he encounters with a man called “the prophet”. THE PROPHET exclaims that his dream was an indication more than a nightmare. After the correspondence with Prophet, he goes back to his army and leads them in an exodus from Lordaeron to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor from where the players are supposed to begin the game.
For players to play on there are several maps of different sizes available in the game. Some maps are the location of large plains and fields while the others are with river, mountains, seas and cliffs. In Campaign or Multiplayer mode, the map is initially covered with the black fog, remains unrevealed until the player’s hero or any allied force explores the area of the map. Once the allied forces or hero explore the area, the map will be revealed and you can see the specific explored area on your mini map (located on the bottom left corner of your screen). Areas that have been explored but are no longer in use will again get covered with the fog of war.

There are only three main resources that need to be managed in the game Gold, Lumber, and Food. Gold and lumber are very important things and play a vital role in the construction of buildings and units. Whereas, your control on units is subject to the number of foods you have. More food means more Units. The maximum allowed food is 120 at a time, through which you can control 120 units including peon/soul (workers), wagons and other controlling units. Some maps of Warcraft III have an exceptional limit of 200 foods.
This game also includes “CREEPS”, computer controlled units that are hostile to all players. Neutral creeps guard the key areas, such as Gold mines or any neutral tech building. Moreover, players can pick experience points, gold, and special items by killing them through their heroes.
Players can pick their heroes from a variety of Taverns. There are basically 3 types of Heroes:

  1. Strength (POWER, means more HP (hit point))
  2. Agility (SPEED, means more AS (attacking speed))
  3. Intelligence (SPELL CASTER, means more MANA (from which a hero can casts his spells)
    After selecting a hero you will see that there are two bars appearing in the middle of your screen. First is the red bar indicating your HP and second one is the blue bar indicating the MANA level of your hero. If you want your hero to become strongest, try to achieve the highest level of your hero and that is 25.
    There is a Day/Night cycle in Warcraft III having some advantages and disadvantages. All the neutral creeps will fall asleep at night, so it’s safe to scout at night. Depending upon your chosen race, it can either be advantageous or harmful for your hero.
    Mentioned above are some basic facts of World of Warcraft III. By remembering these tips you can easily play and enjoy the world’s best selling game ever.

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