Green Card FAQ’s

Listed here are solutions to common questions from people linked to a US Green Card
“I’ve heard of it but what really is a Green Card?”
Green card is actually your pass to call home and operate in the United States of America. It’s also called Permanent Resident Card. Once you’ve got the Card, you are able to freely operate in the USA and enjoy the rights that Native Americans enjoy. The card provides you with an enduring U.S resident status but it doesn’t mean you’ll be a U.S citizen so that you can still retain your nationality. Yet, if you want, you are able to apply for citizenship from a card for many years.

“Why must I get myself a Permanent Resident Card?”
There are many reasons why you may choose to get yourself a Card. Since it provides you with the authority to live and work such as an American citizen, you are able to freely work, study, and whatever stuff that Americans can legally do within their country. Having a Permanent Resident card is also an edge to a lot of business enthusiasts because it lets them put up a business or expand their business without a fuss.

“Am I qualified to obtain a Permanent Resident Card?”
You can make application for a Green card if you’re eligible under one of immigrant categories as supplied by Immigration Nationality Act (INA); you possess an immigrant visa easily available; come with an approved petition immigrant (if you have a member of family who petitioned you) and; admissible to the United states of America.

“Great, now just how do i obtain a Green Card?”
You will find 5 different ways about how you are able to obtain a Permanent Resident card: Green card through employment-based green card known a eb1, eb2, and eb3 categories; Green card lottery; Permanent Resident card through asylum and refugee status; and card through investment.

“How long will it take to obtain a Permanent Resident Card?”
Just like any documents and paperwork, especially when you want to work abroad, Permanent Resident card application process might take sometime. It actually depends on the non-public circumstances of applicants. The card process begins from filing to acquiring your resident status, it may take after some duration in addition to the other hassles and delay when filing and submitting requirements. Don’t give up hope. If the application runs smoothly, you will get your card within 3 to 6 months.

“Does Permanent Resident card expires?”
Yes it will. Once you receive a Permanent Resident card, you’re eligible to be considered a US resident for A decade. After which it, you would have to re-validate or renew your card to take pleasure from your privileges.

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